USS Enteprise

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USS Enteprise

Post by Admiral James Kirk on Mon Nov 30, 2015 4:00 pm


Name: USS Enterprise
Status: Active (2293)
Launched: 2258.42
Christened: 2258.42
Rechristened: 2259
Decommissioned: 2278.49 - 20 years of service
Recommissioned: 2279.24


Captain: Admiral James Tiberius Kirk
First Officer: Recruiting


Class: Constitution class
Registry: NCC-1701
Nacellas: Two
Warp: Improved to Warp Factor 8
- Torpedo Launchers: 15
- Deflector Shields: metaphysic
- Phaser turrets: Six

Service Record: The Enterprise was launched on Stardate 2258.42 even before she was christened to answer a distress signal from Vulcan. The starship arrived later than 7 other starships in the fleet, only to find it completely destroyed. The ship came in contact with Narada, a Romulan Dreadnought-class starship. The crew attempted, and failed, to save Vulcan, resulting in its complete consumption. The ship's Captain resigned after violating Code 619, and was replaced by James Tiberius Kirk as Acting Captain. The Enterprise arrived later to clear the torpedoes aimed at the Jellyfish, colliding the Narada with it and left it to be consumed by the black hole formed from the ignited red matter.
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